What is the Epicenter? Russia/Ukraine or ISIS er ISIL er IS? Or is it the U.S.?

I confess! I am a little confused. Not about the timing, just about where the dust is likely to settle when the eyes of history look back on this momentous time.

What is the Epicenter of this Time Mark? The time code says ISIS, because the declaration of the Caliphate was near spot on the anniversary of the start of WW1 (marked by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand). However, on July 17th, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over the Ukraine, which was then used by the United States to escalate the rhetoric and impose greater sanctions on Russia. July 17, rolled back a 100 years, is mid-way between the June 28 assassination of Ferdinand and the July 28 Austria-Hungary declaration of war on Serbia. So we are still at the beginning event.

This might surprise you, but I see all the venues as related. The world has run amok starting right around the end of June 2014. ISIS, Gaza, Eastern Ukraine. The United States is in the middle of things, by acting in one venue, and avoiding action in another. It could all be well-intentioned.

But now we see beginnings of dissension in the ranks, with Germany waking up to the precarious position it is in, caught between a proud Russia hell-bent on weakening the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and U.S. actions to hobble and hem in Russia. Themes from World War 2 have been circulating in the air, with Hilary Clinton analogizing Putin to Hitler, and themes of redrawing the maps of the nations of the world, from Russia/Crimea, to Iraq/Syria, even to the possible wiping off the map of Palestinian Gaza entirely.

All we can say for sure at the moment is that it is a time of greater increased tensions and barbaric actions. Very scary.

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ISIS (ISIL) at the center of a Synchronicity Code Time Mark for the start of a World War

We are now several days from the June 28, 2014 Time Mark for the potential beginning of a major war–if not THE major war of this generation–a World War.

In our last post we suggested that the declaration of a Caliphate by ISIS was the defining event with the caveat that some other event could yet emerge of greater prominence. We have since watched for events that would point in another direction. Only one event with broad implications has emerged: the finding of the three Yeshiva students on June 30th, having been kidnapped from Gush Etzion and murdered “by terrorists.” Like it or not, in one fell swoop, both Israel and the Palestinians have been put back on a war footing.

This terrorist act has already ignited a significant military response from Israel directed at Hamas. But it wasn’t Hamas that was behind it. ISIS has claimed responsibility. Thus, both events point to ISIS. ISIS is at the center of events at a point in time that, in the long cycles of history, must be viewed as having great significance.

So thus far we have Syria, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territory in active military conflict. The United States, Iran and Russia are currently in a support role. What would open this up to a larger arena? Terrorism. Assassination. Impacts on the flow of oil in the Middle East and/or Europe (Russia).

Relatively speaking, we are still in the calm before the storm.

A theory such as the Synchronicity Code carries with it some fascination as it gives possible clues to the unfolding of future events. But this is an intellectual pursuit.


As it sinks in.

And touches the heart.

Such great loss could be before us.


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ISIS Declaration of Caliphate May Well Be A Seminal Event for the Ages

On or about June 29, 2014, yesterday, ISIS declared a Caliphate over a large swath of territory spanning significant portions of Iraq and Syria. It is the very timing of this event, within one day of the 100-year anniversary of the start of World War I (and assassination of Archduke Ferdinand), that marks this declaration one for the ages.

Timing matters.

25 years separate WW1 and WW2. Roll that period forward…1964…1989…2014. 2014 is significant because meaningfully related (synchronous) events in history tend to repeat in cycles, and the Power of 10, or in this case 100 years from WW1, is favored by Great Nature. As the Ancient Greeks said, “all is arranged according to Number.”

Events occurring in Iraq and Syria right now are not business as usual in the generally war-torn area. Of course out and out prediction is foolhardy. But these events could turn out to be the start of the next World War. If nothing else, the extreme level of brutality and violence marks this moment as something qualitatively different from similar events over the last several years.

The declaration of a caliphate qualifies as a kind of “agreement” that corresponds to the “Versailles Treaty” Cycle described in the Synchronicity Code. See for yourself. Look up how many significant historical documents, signings, “declarations” occurred close to the 5-year anniversary of June 28, 1919. If one or another iteration seems missing it may be that the then media did not recognize the significance of what was occurring before them. For example, June 28th in the years 2004 and 2009 related to Iraq’s national sovereignty, first as declared by the United States, then as declared by the Iraqis themselves. Those events barely registered in mainstream media, but they hold importance particularly if they set the stage for what is happening right now.

We can’t yet be certain that the Caliphate Declaration will constitute the seminal event of this Time of War, as we are only 2 days from the exact June 28th anniversary. A close eye must be kept on events at least for the next few days to see if something accompanies it. Again, assassination, further declaration of war, or a major attack may yet grab center stage.

I do not yet know if the scale of events will measure up to what the timing implies. He who Knows does not predict.

Sadly, I found Scaby in the peanut jar. I need to re-clone him soon. His input would be helpful!


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A Time Mark for the start of World War 3

Sorry about this.

We wrote a fair amount about the significance of 2014 in The Synchronicity Code. It is the major Time Mark for the possible beginning of World War 3. Doesn’t mean it will (outright prediction is foolish, I’ve learned), it just means that the time is right for the start of significant war, even the most significant war.

Right now we are at the 100 year mark of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. We are less than 2 weeks from the exact anniversary of June 28th. Whatever happens right now, but especially if it is memorialized by an event occurring on or very close to June 28, 2014, should be looked at as having long term historical significance.

It could involve an historic agreement of some kind (the 5-year Versailles Cycle). Most fitting here (based on events in 2004 and 2009) would involve Iraq.

It could be a major assassination.

It could be an act of military aggression or terrorist act.

The pattern we are looking at is on the scale of centuries, so doesn’t have to hit June 28th exactly. But it might.

This is the second time in a little more than a year that I hope I am completely wrong.

Scaby is scared and has gone into hiding.

Sorry again,


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Where oh where have I been when the world really needs the Synchronicity Code NOW!

It’s not my fault! Really it isn’t.

First of all, I was carrying my homework from the house into my mom’s station wagon, when all of a sudden a gust of wind came and blew all the papers all over the place….

Oh. Forgot. Not in school anymore.

The truth is. Really! It’s not my fault.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to clone yourself from your own cells once an evil genius bug named Scaby has reduced you to dust by reverse engineering the Synchronicity Code so that everything works BACKWARDS???

Let me assure you. It is very very difficult.

But honest injun, because I was struggling with all that, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do any current research on the Synchronicity Code and bring new posts to the world.

But now, all that has changed.

I am prepared to WOW you next chance I get.

But first I need to try to save the world from certain destruction, of which you will be apprised at the appropriate time.


Best, (Your Hero), +JAG

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Whitney Houston and August

She was born August 9, 1963 and died February 11, 2012.

See our June 26, 2011 post: What do Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Princess Diana, and now Whitney, have in common. August.

The Synchronicity Code tracks well the highs and lows of this seminal entertainer’s life. The midpoint at 11/10/1987 hits dead center of her meteoric rise to greatness. That is close to the time she won the Grammy for I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Whitney’s only child Bobbi Kristina was born within a few months of the .618 Mark in 1993. The highest rated television interview in history occurred between Whitney and Diane Sawyer in 2002, at the .8 Mark. That interview became heated on the issue of drug abuse. It was the Mark of her sad decline.

Whitney Houston, the one we loved, will be missed.


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Seeking the Holy Grail in the Markets

This post is directed to the subject of trading, so it will not be for everyone. It is for those few, like me, who (naively or not) have sought the Holy Grail in luminous price and time geometry of the markets. This includes technical analysis concepts such as arcs, fib counts, fib retraces, fib time, Gann square of 9, angles and price and time squares, Master time factors, Bayer, Elliott, mirror cycles, Andrews pitch forks, Marechal, Delta, you name it. If all of that is foreign to you, you may yet be a grail seeker in some other pursuit and find this interesting. The concepts I raise here would generally apply to Synchronicity Code theory itself.

In one presentation of the Grail legend, the story begins with a mysterious statement: “Every act has it good and evil results.” Jungians speak of the Grail as an image that contains “opposites” in a unity of some kind. Certainly in the human psyche, but probably everywhere else too, a dual nature to things invariably expresses itself.

When one seeks the Grail in the markets, however, the principle of duality seems to be ignored. One looks for some system or theory that would allow one to be right 100% of the time. After a few skinned knees you say, “ok, I’ll settle for 80%.” Some people may even achieve that, for a time. But even here, there is that gnawing anxiety of never quite knowing whether the next trade will work out or not.

After a while, you begin to think you are an idiot. All the pundits pronounce, from their throne of wisdom, that Gann doesn’t work, Elliot doesn’t work, fibonacci retracements don’t work.

What if they do?

What if implicit in the geometry of markets is another principle, besides the numinous geometric structure, that also must express, like clockwork? What if the duality of right vs. wrong, up vs. down, win vs. loss, must perforce be there, as a law of nature?

This would certainly explain why extraordinary geometric harmonies can be found time after time, and yet when you go to trade them, they vanish, like the Grail, disappearing in the mist, only to appear again tomorrow, after you have given up on the whole thing as so much rubbish.

For me, the reason this truth, if it is such, has been resisted so much has to do with the reason I am drawn toward the numinous geometry in the markets in the first place. I think it is a projection of a Higher Principle that is part of the human psyche. How can something so profound be there and yet seemingly be unworkable?

But what if it were in fact workable? Take fibonacci retracements.

Every one of them.

Take one after another after another.

Roughly half of them are with the trend, and half of them aren’t. You never know which one is going to go far enough to book a profit, but roughly half do. Put your stop just beyond the retrace (allowing for a brief double dip) and take profits at 2:1. Rinse, repeat.

So many people say fibs are useless. But maybe the Holy Grail was right there all the time, hidden in plain sight.

Then the wise guy in the back of the auditorium shouts, “hey dumbo, you’re just confirming that the markets are just a flip of the coin”. Quite. But not quite. To be a flip of a coin implies that it is entirely random. I’m saying it is dual. The difference is that there is a way to proceed that might just be what you were looking for all along.

This priceless gem of wisdom may be priceless only to me. But if you find this to be of some value, I am happy to pay it forward.


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Reminder–flash crash potential today

This is a reminder that on August 18th, I had a post on flash crashes and financial panics, in which I observed that the May 6, 2010 “flash crash” occurred almost exactly one year from the current market high off the March 2009 low, which was on May 2, 2011. These two May dates were then plugged into the Code Calculator to obtain the following projected dates:

1.382 9/16/2011
1.5 10/29/2011
1.618 12/11/11 and
1.667 12/28/2011

The 9/16/2011 date saw a violent sell off. the 10/29 and 12/11 dates also reflected strong, near vertical sell-offs.

Today could mark a surprise sell off as well. It need not–the principle has already shown its merit. But it could. So be careful out there.


Trading and investing information in this website is for educational purposes only and in no way should be construed as investing or trading advice.

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December 7, 1941 and 9/11: Not just a mere coincidence

The attack at Pearl Harbor was 70 years ago today. But just about 10 years ago, we were reeling in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center. Newscasters quickly picked up on the correspondence: “not since Pearl Harbor has America endured such a devastating surprise attack”.

This connection, across 60 years, was more than just chance. It was mathematically correlated with a level of precision rarely seen in the annals of world events. To discover this for yourself you would have to take the interval between the 9/11 attack and the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, adjust it slightly for the time of day, and roll it back in time, end over end, decade after decade, until you come upon, precisely, December 7, 1941.

It is possible that you could do this calculation and, after a moment’s pause, shrug your shoulders as if to say, and we’re supposed to care? The other end of the spectrum would have you feel a shudder through your body as you come to realize that this mathematical correlation to meaningfully related historical events, across vast swaths of time, implies that life itself is not what it seems. So one would be tempted to come, as quickly as possible, to some rational explanation, and settle for the idea that this is just a remarkable coincidence. The problem, in this case, is that the Pearl Harbor-9/11 sequence was predictive. The next cycle up hit the ONLY surprise attack worthy of the title during 2010, in North Korea’s sinking of a South Korean war vessel. We know that that occurrence belonged in the sequence because, one cycle up from Pearl Harbor was, within a mere few days, the commencement of the Korean War, via the surprise attack by North Korea on its southern brethren.

Still, you try to cling to the “mere coincidence” theory, but this is not fitting so well at the moment. Ever resourceful, you quickly come up with “well, statistics can lie”, and back it up with the thought that people claim all kinds of things, and there almost always is an explanation for it, if you knew all the facts. Why should this be any different? Ah, that’s better. No need to stretch. It allows one to remain comfortably in an old way of thinking.

For some, the Synchronicity Code is alluring because it holds out the promise of a new way of predicting future events. But the significance of prediction is really that it disproves the “mere coincidence” theory. This leaves us, one way or another with a new view of the connectedness of all of life. That’s what the sages have been saying for millenia.

Have a good night. +JAG

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Sadly, the Inventor of Synchronicity has met his maker.

It is very hard running a sophisticated organization like ours when your chief operating officer is a bug who has been squashed by a falling limb in the Halloween snowstorm.

But it’s the truth.

I swear.

No really.

Scaby was told in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t shovel the path to the barn/laboratory by 6 p.m. that night, he would be squashed like a bug by none other than me. I don’t know if he was shaking from fear or the cold, but there he was, shovelling as best as his 6 legs could manage, when all of a sudden I heard “crack” and a branch from a nearby ash came crashing down and whomped poor Scaby on the head, well actually on his entire body (since he is so small).

Anyway, that was that for Scaby.

A brief moment, if you will. For Scaby.

The good news, if there is any, is that this kind of thing has happened to Scaby before. In fact, we keep careful Synchronicity Code sequence data for times when Scaby has met an unfortunate end in the past, only to be brought back to life via the modern scientific miracle known as cloning.

Trouble is, whenever this sort of thing happens, it takes a lot of effort to bring Scaby back. Not to do another clone, that’s fairly easy and quick. The problem is that then I have to go through the super-laborious process of re-minding Scaby, where he first came from in Switzerland, how he discovered synchronicity, which was then pilfered by Heir Dr. Jung, and so on. The worst part of it is that Scaby hates working with computers. He complains about the buttons being too hard to push. I guess I’m sympathetic, given that he is the size of a bug, which I can confess to you, but not him. You give Scaby any sympathy at all and the next thing he wants to cuddle with you at night.

I wonder if I would feel differently if Scaby were an Anima.

Well, sorry we’ve been dealing with all this for about a month. But its not our fault!

And besides, its the Holiday Season. Who really wants to hear about the dire events that LOOM RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

The only comfort I have for you, since I’m in a rush, is the following prediction:

The world will not end on December 21, 2012, despite what the Mayan wannabes say.

Cheers. +JAG

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