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A Time Mark for the start of World War 3

Sorry about this. We wrote a fair amount about the significance of 2014 in The Synchronicity Code. It is the major Time Mark for the possible beginning of World War 3. Doesn’t mean it will (outright prediction is foolish, I’ve … Continue reading

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Where oh where have I been when the world really needs the Synchronicity Code NOW!

It’s not my fault! Really it isn’t. First of all, I was carrying my homework from the house into my mom’s station wagon, when all of a sudden a gust of wind came and blew all the papers all over … Continue reading

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Sadly, the Inventor of Synchronicity has met his maker.

It is very hard running a sophisticated organization like ours when your chief operating officer is a bug who has been squashed by a falling limb in the Halloween snowstorm. But it’s the truth. I swear. No really. Scaby was … Continue reading

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Power Corrupts, Absolutely No Power Corrupts Absolutely

Things have been a little kerflooey since we lost power about a week ago. Power came back on 2 days ago, but we still don’t have internet, which begs the question of how I am writing this (from the YMCA, … Continue reading

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Thanks Trish

Trish MacGregor over at (a fine, oft-updated website and blog) has just posted a review of The Synchronicity Code. One more gets it! (I’m good at 7; Scaby, the greedy bugger, is aiming for 70,000.) Thanks again, Trish.

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Ok Not About Irene

Well, Irene was serious and a lot of damage was done. But it didn’t implicate any symbols of 9/11, as might have been the case if, say, the current World Trade Center site was significantly damaged. Also, we are now … Continue reading

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Sorry, my chart from yesterday didn’t post

Here’s the chart that I was supposed to post yesterday regarding the S&P downturn projection. Sorry for the inconvenience. Again, Scaby was supposed to take care of these things. I’m gonna squash that bug when I find him.

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Why this matters

My last post, “There is Perfect Order in the Markets” shows a picture of an inherent harmony in one of the largest freely traded markets in the world. If you look at it closely, you can begin to get a … Continue reading

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Is the Synchronicity Code for real?

I am grateful for a review of my book, The Synchronicity Code, that starts with “This is a truly amazing discovery if it is for real.” I want to share with you just where I sit with this. While I … Continue reading

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