Ok MR. Smartipants how does the Calculator work???

Shall I show you how the Calculator works by giving you an example from my book?


Ok. Here it is. I quote from pages 21-22 of The Synchronicity Code:

“In this next series, the Synchronicity Code “jumps” to a high level of precision, where the Marks fall far more precisely than would seem possible. This is where the odds against the Synchronicity Code being pure chance really begin to pile up. The timeline begins with the fact that Caroline Kennedy and her brother John F. Kennedy, Jr. were both born at the tail end of November almost exactly 3 years apart. That is our starting coincidental pair. This time span then rolls forward once and hits the death of their father, President John F. Kennedy, at the 6-year Mark. It shows a mathematically precise cycle between the 1957, 1960 and 1963 events.”

Of course, to keep me honest, you will double and triple check my sources, checking the dates against Wikipedia, or other SUPER RELIABLE source. You will find that Caroline Kennedy was born on November 27, 1957 and her father John F. Kennedy died on November 22, 1963.

STEP 1. Read and follow the instructions on “How to Use the Code Calculator” Page. (Self-evident, perhaps?)

STEP 2. Plug in the birthdate of Caroline (11/27/1957) and death date of her father (11/22/1963) as the two measuring dates into the Calculator.

Now let’s look at the results. Look at the the date in box C16, which is 11/24/1960. That is the 50% Mark between the birth of Caroline and death of her father. 50% is a pretty clear, strong, unambiguous Mark between the two measuring dates.

11/24/1960 is also one day from the birth of Caroline’s brother, John F. Kennedy, Jr. He was born on November 25, 1960. This is one day from the exact 50% Mark (and possibly on the exact day if hourly calculations were taken into account)!

That’s the kind of thing we are looking for with the Synchronicity Code. We want to find a third meaningfully-related event occurring at a natural division or multiple of the base timespan, which means that the event occurred at a numerically harmonious point in time. Any old fraction or multiple won’t do. 57.79% doesn’t count. 50% does count. Why this is so is intuitively self-evident.

Don’t be dismayed by the fact that the Calculator shows a bunch of other dates floating around the one that fits. It defies the odds tremendously that any such hits occur, especially since (as we have found) they occur regularly. Until you have seen about 20 or more precise hits like the one above, you might not yet have a feel for how extraordinary this phenomenon is. Keep at it.

One more thing. You might want to check box G23. That’s the date derived from rolling over the Caroline-JFK interval one time into the future. It hits November 16, 1969. JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. died on November 18, 1969, only two days from this precise Mark. There is even more to this timeline discussed in the book, but if we stop here, it is already an impossibly precise time cycle–impossible because there is no known cause for it. But true nevertheless.

That is the Synchronicity Code in action. Some people, upon learning of it, don’t quite know what to make of it. It sounds interesting–it is precise and all. But so what? Why should we care? We should care because the mathematical intervals were determined in advance, and events fit them precisely. This means that either this is an amazing accidental coincidence (which is possible), or something else entirely is going on.

This “something” will most likely not fit into your current worldview. So I am asking you to step outside of that view for a time, to get accustomed to a new way of looking at things. This new way certainly is vulnerable to attack by experts who believe that all coincidences are bound to happen given the billions of possible events, and that this is sufficient explanation for all that happens. But in fairness, neither you nor I nor they can be certain of it. If but a small part of the Synchronicity Code is true, you are invited to explore a brand new way of Knowing…called time gnosis. +JAG

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