The Last Shuttle Launch and Time Gnosis

Perfect final launch. Couldn’t be better. I am relieved, for now.

We are at the 1.5 Mark beyond the key pairing of the two synchronous space shuttle disasters I discuss in Chapter 12 of the book. This is not a “prediction” that something bad will happen. But it is a knowing that this isn’t an especially great time to be taking this flight into space. Other potentially ominous intervals exist, so I am not shouting anything from the rooftops.

But let’s say that this is a moment of risk, based on the Synchronicity Code. What do I do about it? What do you do about it? Does knowledge (described in the book as “Time Gnosis”) make a difference to the turn of events? This is something that I hope to find out.

Thank you for taking an interest. +JAG

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