How Michael Jackson dodged a bullet, Part III of Marilyn, Elvis, Michael, Madonna and Diana

In this the third in our series we will again take the Elvis and Diana 20-year pairing, and this time multiply it into the future (after Diana’s death). Particularly following Michael’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, all eyes would have turned to Michael with concern for potential adverse dates, for as we said before, there was already a “Mark” on his head.

1.5 times up from the death of Diana, based on the interval between her death and the death of Elvis, was September 8, 2007. This is not quite an ominous August date that we have seen in this pattern, but quite close. That would have been a date to watch out for.

And yet…Michael Jackson was ok, at least for a time, wasn’t he? Nothing adverse happened to him near the beginning of September in 2007.

Perhaps Michael Jackson dodged a bullet.

Or perhaps more accurately, Michael Jackson the pop star dodged a bullet.

There was another Michael Jackson of some fame, who was not so lucky. English writer and journalist Michael Jackson, who was a world-renowned authority on beer and whiskey, died on August 30, 2007, one day from the anniversary date of Michael Jackson, the pop star’s birth. August 30th is only slightly off of the exact 1.5 Mark up from the Elvis-Diana interval. The beer expert Michael Jackson rose to fame after he published The World Guide to Beer, in 1977 (the year Elvis died).

You could say that this was a miss, that nothing untoward happened to Michael Jackson, the celebrity. And you could be right. But to me, this strange near-miss was so odd that it is worth making note of it. What if Michael Jackson, the beer expert, took the hit for Michael the pop star? It would mean that meaning was respected, but not in the way that was expected.

On Wall Street, the mantra of some very successful traders is “expect the unexpected”. Even if a Synchronicity Code sequence is perfectly clear, you still can’t be certain what will happen next. As delved into in the book, “perfect order has options.” A pattern can form across time and be respected, but not in the most obvious way that one might expect. This could also be why Lao Tzu wisely said, “he who knows, does not predict, and he who predicts does not know.”

The Mark that was on Michael Jackson’s head was there because, as the King of Pop, he was the heir apparent to Elvis, the King and he was an excessive user of drugs, just like Elvis. The death of the English Michael Jackson “King of Beer” could have served as a warning. Sadly, it did not prevent the tragic and untimely death of his American namesake.

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