Jaycee Dugard Timelines

A friend of mine just finished reading the book. One of his criticisms was that some of the events described in the book don’t always precisely match as to subject, type of event or degree of accuracy. In his view, this allows for more leeway to fit the facts to perceived patterns, although he accepts that this might be a necessary fact of the theory.

I had this in my mind when last night we were discussing the Synchronicity Code in the kitchen and my wife suggested that I should check if the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping mapped out according to the Code. What I found can further the discussion of my friend’s point, in particular as to the question of accuracy.

I am going to provide you with the dates, and since the Code Calculator is just a click away, you might want to plug them in so you can confirm my calculations. In this post I will focus principally on Jaycee Dugard and her captor Phillip Garrido, but I also include the dates of Jaycee’s daughter’s birthdates for your reference.

April 5 1951 Phillip Garrido born

May 3, 1980 Jaycee Dugard born

June 10, 1991 Jaycee kidnapped

August 18, 1994 Jaycee’s first daughter born

November 13, 1997 Jaycee’s second daughter born

August 26, 2009 Jaycee freed

June 2, 2011 Phillip Garrido sentenced to 431 years’ imprisonment

First let’s take Garrido. He is sentenced to life imprisonment at the 60 year mark of his life. We see 60 years over and over as an important Power of Ten indicator of magnitude (as in Pearl Harbor to 9/11). Plug 4/5/1951 in as the first date into the Calculator and 6/2/2011 as the second date. Look down the column of “in between dates” and you will find the date 5/12/1991 across from .667 (the 2/3rds Mark). This is less than 30 days from the date of Jaycee’s abduction on 6/10/1991.

Within 1 month over a 60 year time span. I think this is what my friend means when he questions the degree of accuracy. It wasn’t accurate to the day. We need to go into this a bit. Why impose the requirement that it be within a day? Why not to the hour or the minute? Is accuracy to within a month relevant or not?

Are any of you traders that use daily, weekly and monthly trading charts? (Recall that my discovery of the Synchronicity Code came from my years studying stock charts in the markets.) As a reality check, I put up a chart of the Dow showing the time span from 1951 to 2011–the same 60 years as the Garrido timeline to date. Looking at that chart, it was instantly clear to me. There is no way I would have looked for cycles accurate on a weekly or daily scale. Already the monthly data was squeezed onto the chart, to the point that the consecutive monthly bars were right on top of one another. There are 720 months between 1951 and 2011. There are 7 “in between” TimeMarks (fractions) used in the Calculator. Since a monthly hit would be measured 30 days before and 30 days after the exact date, the width of the Mark is 2 months. So the chance of a match like the one for Garrido above happening by pure chance is 14/720, or under 1 in 50.

Now take Jaycee’s timeline (to date) and plug in her birthdate on 5/3/1980 as the first date and 8/26/2009, the date she was freed, as the second date. The .382 Fibonacci ratio Mark occurred 7/15/1991, this time just over a month from the exact abduction on 6/10/1991.

The two timelines “triangulate” (converge to very near the same date). Garrido’s Mark of 5/12/1991 hits on the early side and Dugard’s Mark of 7/15/1991 hits on the late side. Plug those two dates into the calculator and what is the midpoint? 6/8/1991. That’s 2 days from the exact date of the abduction.

There is a point made in the book about triangulation. When you seek convergence of two or more related timelines to a specific event, you should take into account how unbelievably demanding it is to have things fall into exact alignment. Does this mean that Garrido’s and Dugard’s abduction timelines were really precise to within two days?


Once you “get it”, the Synchronicity Code is as much yours as it is mine. Neither of us knows for certain what is going on. Are these patterns all just because dates can be stretched to tell any kind of story? Are the time coincidences just plain old coincidences? What about the predictions that appear to have come true, were they just lucky guesses?

You must decide for yourself.

Thanks for reading. +JAG

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