The Sad Death of Amy Winehouse

These things are just plain tragic. Amy Winehouse has joined with many other famous rock stars and died at a young age in all likelihood from alcohol and drug abuse. For obvious reasons, I don’t enjoy sinking in to Code sequences involving such a depressing subject, so here will just make a few quick observations.

Amy Winehouse was born on September 14, 1983 and died July 23, 2011. That’s 10174 days, which is within the 27th year. Kurt Kobain’s death on 4/5/1994 hits 30 days from the .382 Mark (exact 5/5/1994) of Amy’s lifespan.

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all were born in the 1942-3 time frame and died in the 1970-71 time frame, all of drug overdose or related causes. That is the core group from which the 27 Club legend grew. While rock star drug addiction and consequent fatalities appears to have been rampant in the early seventies, it is meaningfully coincidental to have these three rock stars in particular all die at age 27. In fact, Jimi and Janis died within a mere 17 days of each other. Also, Jim Morrison and the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones each died on the July 3rd, three years apart (Jones died in 1969).

Given the clustering of 1942-3 and 1970-71, I would look for some sort of rolling cycle featuring these dates as the foundation. Kurt Cobain was born/died about 24-5 years after the core group. Amy Winehouse was born/died about 40 years after. 40 x .618 is 24.72. So one might consider that there is a contracting cycle based on the Fibonacci ratio of .618.

Following the .383 match between Amy and Kurt, and using the 40 year span between the birth/deaths of Hendrix/Joplin/Morrison and Winehouse; .618 of 40 up from 1970-71 gives Kobain, .618 up from Kobain’s death in 1994 gives Winehouse. .618 up from Winehouse, maybe 9.5 years or so, gives 2020-ish. This is the time to look for a possible future drug-related death of a pop/rock celebrity.

Time will tell. +JAG

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