Space Shuttle Columbia Part Found in East Texas

Tonight, the major news carriers are reporting that a 4-foot in diameter piece of the Space Shuttle Columbia was found, due to drought conditions, in a lake in East Texas. The Columbia broke up while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere near the end of its mission on February 1, 2003.

That’s just too weird for me. Take a look at my July archived posts on the last flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and you will see part of the reason why. In the chapter Predicting the Future from The Synchronicity Code book, I project, based on the coincidental-laden Space Shuttle Challenger and Columbia disasters, that a third space disaster may await us, at specific numeric junctures in the future. We were close to the 1.5 Mark with Atlantis’ final launch, which was the reason for my heightened scrutiny and concern.

The exact day of that 1.5 Mark, based on the Challenger and Columbia disaster measuring dates, is August 4, 2011. We are two days from that date.

If you follow this kind of thing the way I do, this has an uncanny feel to it. If you don’t, your reaction will likely be “that’s just a coincidence. Coincidences happen all the time.”. Certainly, they do.

But why do coincidences occur “all the time”?

I say it is because coincidences are the building blocks of how history unfolds across time.

It’s just too weird. +JAG

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