There is Perfect Order in the Markets

I don’t care what others think.

Ok ok.

I care what others think. But I am willing to take on the prevailing view. Scaby says its good for my humility on account of how many mistakes I make along the way.

Who listens to a little insect anyway?

One of these days I am gonna squash that bug and I’m not kidding this time.

The markets continually express perfect order. They are as far from the “random walk” as could be imagined. And yet the public at large has no cognizance of this.

In the chapter on Stock Market Panics in The Synchronicity Code book, I show how the April 26, 2010 high was predicted to the day , in writing, more than six months in advance. My understanding is imperfect. It was a valid turning point, but was not the ultimate end of the uptrend that began in March of 2009.

Now look at the attached chart at the bottom of this post of what has happened since then, with particular attention to the May 9, 2011 high, which is (thus far) the high for the year. (The chart is scaled so that 100 weeks in time “squares” to $200 in price.)

This May high lies exactly on the horizontal time extremity (to the right) of two circles, each of which are fractions, based on the Fibonacci ratio of circles that encompass the full swings, from 2002 to 2007 and from 2007 to 2009, respectively. Note also how the April 26, 2010 high lies on the perimeter of another Fibonacci level of vibration and that its retracement ends on another time extremity of a similar level of vibration.

I am so used to observing this kind of thing that it is second nature to me. But I’m not sure you see it. This chart is a complex, redundant expression of perfect order which involves every major turning point in the stock market since 2000. It is this kind of truth that lies behind my discovery of the Synchronicity Code.

We will present more discoveries regarding the sacred geometry of markets in future posts.

Good morning and good luck. +JAG

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Here is the chart:

$spx 2011 high

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  1. john r. benford says:

    hi, chart is not showing.

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