Why this matters

My last post, “There is Perfect Order in the Markets” shows a picture of an inherent harmony in one of the largest freely traded markets in the world. If you look at it closely, you can begin to get a feel for what is happening. The importance, though, is that it is a “tell”. Not about the markets (although it is clearly a tell about that too). It is a tell about something larger. The chart of the S&P Index is a stand in symbol for everything. The sacred geometry that governs the markets governs everything. The Synchronicity Code lifts only one corner of the tent, so that we can see a little of what is really going on. All of life is governed by harmonic patterns of Number.

That is what matters.

Once you see it you cannot quite let go of it. It then becomes a part of the way you see the world.

But what does it mean?

That the world is just a big machine?

Maybe but I don’t think so.

That all is arranged according to a Divine Principle of Number?

That could very well be.

Does this change anything?

Maybe so. There is a higher principle involved, most likely both on the outside and the inside. That is what Jung’s synchronicity brought to the fore.

So the outside calls the inside and the inside calls the outside. +JAG

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