About Irene

Of course.

I’m worried about Irene.

Look at the second to last sentence of my post “As we approach the 10-year anniversary of 9/11″. Events sometimes have more to do with magnitude than theme. In other words, we should not be looking for a repeat of 9/11, but should be concerned that events transpire with magnitude around the 10-year anniversary.

In this case, I would be more worried about NYC than other areas (well, ok, also Washington D.C.), just because that’s where the parallelism-ism is.

Anyway, it is more worry than prediction. I really have no idea as to whether this will be a big deal or a “blow over”.

I am exercising time gnosis. (See page, click somewhere above.)

Anyway, if anything goes wrong with the scariness, either for or against, we’ll just continue to blame that useless bug Scaby.

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