9/11 is a Mark in Time that is in motion

The closer we get to 9/11, the closer we get to a possible 10-year anniversary event. I don’t know that anything will happen and am not per se predicting something will. Most definitely we are not saying that another terrorist event will occur. But we are saying that there is a possibility of an “event of magnitude” that marks the 10-year anniversary. Weather, financial, if something occurs, think big and long lasting. And, I suppose, adverse.

You know that my background in all this, if you could call it that, is in the arena of trading. Many a stock, future, put and call has been boldly traded by this writer, for good or ill. In that arena, successful “prediction” is the ALL, and I suppose it is here too, except that here it is more forgiving to say “no guarantee”. (You will still check back if we are wrong, won’t you?)

There isn’t any guarantee. One can look at the patterns and see that they have formed over and over. But there is much to learn about the sacred geometry of time and history by which life unfolds. It is fair to say we are all students reaching for understanding.

Since none of you seem to know for sure where the next historic event will turn (except maybe that bothersome bug Scaby), and yet we all can agree, based on the past evidence, that there is some sort of mathematical underpinning at work (that is, if you have bought and read the practically free book, well sort of practically free, so Scaby can get paid his past due salary), we are all in the same boat, which is to be “watchers of the skies”.

9/11 is just one juncture to watch. We are outside now, knowing that the time is right for a shooting star, but not knowing for sure if one will be seen or not.

May the lost be honored and the event be measured. +JAG

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