On the Eve of 9/11

Nothing else seems worthy of writing about just now. It interests me that a “credible threat” to New York and Washington D.C. has emerged in the news, predicated on the view that Al Qaeda supporters favor anniversary dates. When this kind of link up across time occurs, because someone “favors anniversaries”, I wonder if it begs the question of the Synchronicity Code operating in broad daylight. In other words, WHY do people favor anniversaries? Why is it obviously the time, from their perspective, to strike again? Are they adhering to the force of an unknown cycle, the while imagining that they are the masters of their own destiny?

If something so obvious as a successful repeat attack does not happen, which is fervently hoped, then I would still be looking out for a Power of Ten event in some other arena–weather-related, financial-related, agression by a nation, something. No guarantees that any such thing will occur. But if it does, the thing to watch for is that the event will have implications beyond the current event. It may set something new in motion that will continue for years to come.

With every good wish, +JAG

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