An Endless Stamina for War

We are now some days away from the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. It is time to assess.

In my last post I said we were looking for events that happen around the 11th that potentially have a “long tail”, meaning that they mark the beginning of a longer series of events in reaction to what takes place on or about the 11th.

Two things took place around the 11th that might serve, in the eyes of history, as the further cyclic beginning of events with a “long tail”. One of them is that the expectation of a default by Greece in the European debt crisis reached a fever pitch over the weekend. Really for the first time, the word “default” started being used as an express possibility. In the ensuing days a new distinction has arisen, that of a “controlled” or an “uncontrolled” default. Also for the first time, analysts have begun to articulate the dire consequences of an uncontrolled default, including, it seems, the possibility of civil war in Europe.

While this could be the event to focus on, I don’t think it resonates with 9/11. Also, no clear, definitive “event” took place at this time. The words became more ominous, but there wasn’t a clear action to accompany them.

The second possibility fits rather well. This was that on the eve of 9/11 the Taliban staged a defiant suicide attack on a U.S. combat outpost just outside of Kabul, killing several Afgans and injuring 77 Americans. The suicide bomber was driving a truck carrying firewood when he rammed the entance to the outpost. The explosion apparently left a 20-foot hole in the wall.

Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that such an attack was “obvious”. The Synchronicity Code has no problem using anniversary dates that are even intentionally marked by the participants. (They only think that they are the sole masters of their choice to act just then.) It falls into the category of an event “hidden in plain view”.

“The Afghans have an endless stamina for a long war,” the official Taliban statement said. “Through a countrywide uprising, the Afghans will send the Americans to the dustbin of history like they sent other empires of the past.”

By itself, the attack is just one of many incidents in what is already a long war. However, its occurrence quite near to the exact 9/11 anniversary is suggestive of difficulties to come.

Here’s a further clue:

The attack occurred in Sayed Abad, which is about seven miles east of the spot where the Taliban shot down a U.S. military helicopter, killing 30 Americans on August 6th. Significantly, many of the dead belonged to the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team 6 — the same elite unit that killed bin Laden on May 2nd. Open the Code Calculator Page (read the instruction page first if you have not already done so) and plug in the dates: Osama Bin Laden’s killing on May 2, 2011 is the first measuring date. August 6, 2011 is the second. Now look at the “future dates” column at 1.382. Do you see it? That’s an exact hit on 9/11/2011. That sequence could have been known in advance (it wasn’t, we are yet a small research team). The 9/11 time synchronicity would have jumped right out at you. Taken together with the truck bomb suicide attack in Sayed Abad, one wonders if history is sending a message that it won’t be so easy for the U.S. to extricate itself from Afghanistan.

One can look to the Synchronicity Code for clues when, finally, years from now, the whole thing is done.


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3 Responses to An Endless Stamina for War

  1. Trish says:

    Interesting! I’ve got some time today and am fiddling with dates according to the synchro code. I think I’m getting this now!

  2. GGGGGGGGGG says:

    Nice work JAG. Looks like Stratfor agrees with you

    In the video he mentions the Tet Offensive and the First Indochina War. I’m not sure how those events resonate in your code calculator, but what do you think about how other insurrections the US has been involved in add up like the 19teens Mexican Revolution or the turn of the century Phillipine-American war? Or maybe Central America in the 80s?

    • admin says:

      Stratfor is a smart guy Gs. Thanks for the link. I think the analogy to Vietnam in particular is again an example, where the Code is concerned, of sequencing that is “hiding in plain sight”. I haven’t had a chance but it would be interesting to look at possible sequencing involving Power of Ten dates linking Vietnam and Afghanistan. The more current references would be 9/11 and its 2011 accent, but also checking (if dates turn out to be precise), the start of the Afghanistan war, and maybe the killing of bin Laden. If you are well versed in this, perhaps you can try your hand with the Code Calculator and report back? We’ll then review your work and discuss it in a post. Best, +JAG

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