Synchronicity and the Passing of Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale

Our condolences to both the Kennedy and Mondale families. There is no softening of the grief that must be felt at a time like this, but when a synchronous timing of events occurs like the one just witnessed, one may feel that the two daughters of famous Democratic politicians are now part of a timeless cycle of events and meaning, of which synchronicity itself is a foundational building block.

Kara died on September 16th, Eleanor on September 17th. What might something like this mean? We can only speculate. My own sense is that this must be as much about the fathers, somehow, as it is about the daughters. I would therefore not be surprised if the eventual passing of Walter, hopefully some time much farther in the future, will map according to the Code. Were a detailed analysis to be constructed, I would not only look to the seminal events of his life, but also a sequence beginning with the passing of Teddy Kennedy, then moving to the passing of the daughters as the 2nd measuring date. This line might triangulate with the major events line of Vice President Mondale’s life to pinpoint dates of concern.

There is a second time synchronicity at work, which further suggests that the meaning is to be found in both the fathers and daughters. Eleanor was born on January 19, 1960. That is within 1 day of the date, every 4 years, when Presidents, and Vice Presidents are inaugurated into office. Walter Mondale was inaugurated as Vice President on January 20, 1977. This is on the 33.33 Mark between the birth and death of Eleanor. If you run the dates on the Code Calculator, the exact Mark hits 4/8/77, but as frequently happens (there are a number of examples in the book), the Mark can be “pulled” by the fixed date, and in this case synchronous date of January 20th. If leeway is given for this, the Mark could not have been more exact.

With every good with, +JAG

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  1. Trish says:

    So you figured it out?!

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