The Wuchang Uprising, Synchronicity and A Wandering Eye

While all eyes are on Europe and its sovereign debt crisis, our eye is wandering over to China. As we pass into October, we pass into the window of time that connects back to the Wuchang Uprising that occurred nearly hundred years ago. As described in the future predictions chapter of the book, October 10 would be exact synchronous date. The Proclamation of the People’s Republic on the near anniversary date of October 1, 1949 also falls on the same 1.618 sequence. But since we are dealing with a long term cycle and Big China, any event between now and early 2012 could be considered in play.

We will have further posts about this important prediction over the days and weeks to come. Two things for now. First, while “uprising” is possible, this timeframe could signify “significant political change” and not necessarily an uprising.

Second, we are interested in the role of communication in how this potential Code sequence unfolds. In 1911 it was the telegraph, without which the coup could never have occurred. Now it is the internet and social media. But media itself is also in the crosshairs, in terms of government crackdowns on free speech and how western news and internet content providers (like Google) choose to respond.

To facilitate our research (Scaby again complains that he is only a bug and easily gets overwhelmed trying to open all the thick tomes in our library), we are giving away a free autographed copy of The Synchronicity Code book to the first person who figures out and shares in a comment why we should be interested in Wendi Deng. You will have to delve into both the mathematics of the Code and must know something about Chinese history to do so. If you hit the nail on the head, then we will raise it in a post, or would be happy to include a guest post about it.

Meanwhile, we watch to see if the arrow hits its Mark.


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