The passing of Steve Jobs

As I type this on my Macbook Pro, my iphone lying close by, our condolences to Steve Jobs’ family and friends, and all around the world who will miss him.

You can check for yourself on the Code Calculator using his specific birth and death dates (2/24/1955-10/5/2011). Steve founded Apple in 1976, on the .382 Mark, and returned to Apple in 1997, on the .75 Mark. Neither his NeXt Computer nor Pixar businesses fall on a Mark. The Apple hits do not fall on an exact calendar date, which is not uncommon when dealing with sequences based on lifespans that are otherwise lacking in date or other coincidences. So I would consider the yearly hits to be valid under the Code theory.

If you are aware of any coincidences involving Steve Jobs’ life, please share them in a comment and we will analyze and report further.


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