The Dahlgren Affair, Karma and the Synchronicity Code

Not everyone has heard of the Dahlgren Affair, probably on account of the nuanced picture it paints of Abraham Lincoln, for he was no doubt the ultimate decision maker. On March 2, 1864, Union forces staged a raid on the Confederate capital of Richmond Virginia. The Union commanding officer, Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, was killed and the raid was a failure. But papers found on Dahlgren indicated that their mission was to assassinate Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet.

Some scholars believe that the Confederate plot to assassinate Lincoln, as carried out by John Wilkes Booth, originated with the discovery of the Dahlgren papers.

It is such a hackneyed phrase, “what goes around comes around”. But it is so often true. The West is in many ways indebted to the wisdom of the East; its advanced understanding of the concept of “Karma” stands out as a key, but under-credited influence.

Karma may also be a key element in why Synchronicity Code sequences occur. To a degree, there is a predictive aspect to it. Bonk someone on the head. Chances are some day soon you will be bonked on the head in return, either literally or figuratively.

The eastern notion of Karma, as applied to individuals, embraces the notion of reincarnation, and thus could unfold over lifetimes. Some research has been done on that subject by Scaby, but we will save that for another day. However, when considering the karma of nations, historic events, even corporations, the consequences of prior acts may unfold within the “single life” of the entity or event.

Lincoln’s decision to assassinate Jefferson Davis may have been just such a prior act. From a Code sequencing point of view, the interval from the March 2, 1864 assassination attempt to the April 15, 1865 assassination of Lincoln rolls forward 22 times to December 3, 1889, within 3 days of the date of Jefferson’s death. Why 22 times? It makes the spread between the deaths of Lincoln and Jefferson about 25 years, which invokes the Power of Ten principle (See Chapter 5 of the book for explanation). 25 years also aligns the Dahlgren sequence with the larger, prominent sequences that are at work.

Karma is why. The Code is when.

Now think ahead. Where does your mind next go when you think about what happened to Lincoln? What do you see when the light of Karmic consequences is shined upon future events?

More to come in subsequent posts.


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