Harmonic Relationships, Music and Synchronicity

I am indebted to Mr. Anthony Buzzeo for his recent testimonial, in which he writes, “So much of our physical world (and universe!) is ordered by and resonates to known harmonic relationships….” What this may allude to is that the whole number fractions that lie at the heart of the Synchronicity Code are in large part reflective of the harmonic scale in music. The 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the octave itself, these relate directly to the fractions shown in the Code Calculator. Early on in the research of the Synchronicity Code, I struggled to integrate the Power of Ten expressions of the Code with the wisdom of the ancients, in which the sacred number 7 was paramount. In fact, no struggle is necessary. The harmonic series in music shows that the “Law of Seven” and the Power of Ten are integrally related.

Gurdjieff, in particular, brought to the the West a profound understanding, if only in fragments, of how events unfold according to a “Law of Octaves”. Quite often, one starts out on an intended path heading north, and unwittingly (but lawfully) ends up heading south. This might be avoided, if only one were wise enough to know where “shocks” are needed at precise intervals in order to continue on one’s chosen path. Many things could be said about this, but insofar as the Synchronicity Code is concerned, it suggests that, in the absence of true knowledge, history is likely predestined.

But it need not be so.

We are very far from being able to influence, constructively, the course of history. The baby step is to see some of how the underlying forces unfold, via time and synchronicity. The next step is to know (see) an event as it unfolds. One day, perhaps we will know enough to know what to do about it. But that is not for today.


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