NAP-O-LI! Mike Napoli, a Birthday Coincidence and the Synchronicity Code

This is an interim update on the World Series prediction made on October 18th.

It’s all about Mike Napoli.

In the October 18th post, we said this:

HOWEVER, the Rangers have something going for them that I think gives them the edge overall. They were initially formed in 1961 as the Washington Senators. That’s 50 years ago, which invokes the Power of Ten. Ten years later, in 1971, they were changed from the Senators to the Texas Rangers. So that’s a second Power of Ten date that cycles to 2011, viz.: 1971-1961 = 10, rolled forward 4 times = 2011. Thus, we have both a viable sequence (1961-1971-2011) and additionally we have time periods using the Power of Ten, including the 50-year measure, which implies strength.

Now here’s why I think Mike Napoli is especially interesting as a currently-likely MVP candidate if the Rangers win: when he was born.

Mike Napoli was born on October 31, 1981. He turns 30 within the week. As described in Chapter 5 of The Synchronicity Code, that’s got “Power of Ten” written all over it. But even moreso: the above sequence related to the Ranger’s history is on the same 10-year cycle: formed 1961; changed from Senators in 1971 x 4 = 2011. Napoli’s birthdate fits that cycle to a tee and triangulates (due to the proximity to the anniversary of his birth) to the World Series RIGHT NOW.

So I think this is all very cool. Scaby does too. (His little beetle life and livelihood depends on it.)

While this seems to bode well for our prediction of a Rangers win, it doesn’t mean they will. We can know the forces of time that are at work, but as Lao Tze says, “he who knows does not predict”.


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2 Responses to NAP-O-LI! Mike Napoli, a Birthday Coincidence and the Synchronicity Code

  1. Trish says:

    Wow, you’ve been prolific since I was here last. OK, tell me. How’s this occupier movement look for continuance through the winter, according to the synchro code??

    • admin says:

      Hi Trish, I’ve begun pondering the movement, but haven’t yet moved it forward. I do hope to have a post about it soon. Can you share any coincidences you are aware of that can act as basing dates?

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