Yikes! We’re live and I’m not ready!

Hi there.


Things are tense around here!  My mean new boss Andrew is all ticked off  on account of the fact that here we are, out on the Web for all to see, and yet, clearly we’re not ready.

FOR EXAMPLE, our special synchronicity code numeric convergence engineers (SSCNCEs) were ‘sposed to have the Code Calculator up and running by now. But nooooooo. And who do you think gets blamed but old Scaby. ALSO, we are still waiting to update our web address from Synchronicitycode.wordpress.com to just plain old synchronicitycode.com. AND ONE MORE THING–the book isn’t even on Amazon yet!. Apparently Kindle is going to take weeks. So send comments to Andrew telling him to back off because everybody already knows that its worth the wait.

Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t send any angry messages that might get back to Andrew before I can yank them out of Admin.  We should be fully operational pretty soon or I’m going to have to find another very cool website to work for.

Thanks for your patience.


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