Ron Washington, the Power of Ten and the Synchronicity Code

Ron Washington is at a GREAT point in his coaching career. He is also at a Synchronicity Code mark in his own life.

Ron was born April 29, 1952. He began managing the Rangers on November 6, 2006. Just about 5 years later, he is in the World Series.

5 years is half of 10. I know that is not news. But because it is half, it has “Power of Ten” strength in terms of Synchronicity Code time sequencing.

What is kind of cool is that if you take the interval from the November 6, 2006 coaching start to October 21-22, 2011–which is during the week of this storied World Series, and roll it back 11 times (this is as close to a 60-year mark as you can get, given the fixed timing of the Series–again a Power of Ten thing), you land right about April 29, 1952, the day Ron Washington was born.

Go Ron! Make the Synchronicity Code and Scaby proud!


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