Occupy Wall Street and the Synchronicity Code

Trish over at SynchroSecrets.com had a recent comment asking about Occupy Wall Street. She wonders about the impact of cold weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy in the New York area, so perhaps we’ll get our first glimpse as to whether the protestors prefer fair weather to purpose.

I haven’t pulled together specific Code sequences that could serve to clarify things, but can make some beginning observations.

First, I don’t think Occupy Wall Street is just about US. By which I mean the “U.S.” I think it is part of a world-wide so-called “awakening”. I say “so-called” because not all of it seems to be connected to mankind’s higher instincts. In Egypt, for example, mob-rule took over, with violent, destructive consequences. That doesn’t bode well as things unfold, for the ending is often foretold in the beginning.

In addition to the Arab Spring, from a longer term perspective, we are also close to the time the Tea Party movement commenced, on January 24, 2009. That movement has already had a significant impact on what is taking place in Washington. Occupy Wall Street may be riding the same wave, on a different surfboard.

Around the same time as the Tea Party commencement, there was a “Green Revolution”, also known as the “Persian Awakening” in Iran, in which the fixed presidential election was protested en masse. The uprising was suppressed, but it too is part of this world-wide wave.

I have written in the book about a meaningful revolution 100 years ago, which invokes the Power of Ten rule, and which also has some strong Code sequencing to the present time. That was the Wuchang Uprising in China. We have been looking for something significant to happen in that country around this time of year.

All of this also may play into something else that is sequenced in the book. It is possible that the forces presently stirring represent commencement of global tensions that will finally erupt, in 2013-2014, in . . . war.


Either way, good to know.

More on Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, the Wuchung Uprising, and Tea parties, in future posts.


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