Reminder–flash crash potential today

This is a reminder that on August 18th, I had a post on flash crashes and financial panics, in which I observed that the May 6, 2010 “flash crash” occurred almost exactly one year from the current market high off the March 2009 low, which was on May 2, 2011. These two May dates were then plugged into the Code Calculator to obtain the following projected dates:

1.382 9/16/2011
1.5 10/29/2011
1.618 12/11/11 and
1.667 12/28/2011

The 9/16/2011 date saw a violent sell off. the 10/29 and 12/11 dates also reflected strong, near vertical sell-offs.

Today could mark a surprise sell off as well. It need not–the principle has already shown its merit. But it could. So be careful out there.


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