Hello world!

Well, actually this is my 3rd post.  But I am all discombobulated.  Andrew has me running all around setting things up.  I barely have any time for numinous meaningful coincidences.   Anyway, HI EVERYBODY.  Glad to partially meet you!

In a little while, Andrew says that he’s going to start commenting on Current Events from the vantage point of the Synchronicity Code.  That should be fascinating.  But right now I think he is taking a nap.  And then he has some highfalutin meeting with his publishers.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his first real post isn’t until 4th of July or something.  And he’ll probably talk about that Jefferson-Adams synchronicity thing AGAIN, seeing how it will be EXACTLY 185 years to the day of when that very cool Marker was formed.

Bye now,


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  1. Fine fine. How come you didn’t vote?

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