A Time Mark for the start of World War 3

Sorry about this.

We wrote a fair amount about the significance of 2014 in The Synchronicity Code. It is the major Time Mark for the possible beginning of World War 3. Doesn’t mean it will (outright prediction is foolish, I’ve learned), it just means that the time is right for the start of significant war, even the most significant war.

Right now we are at the 100 year mark of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. We are less than 2 weeks from the exact anniversary of June 28th. Whatever happens right now, but especially if it is memorialized by an event occurring on or very close to June 28, 2014, should be looked at as having long term historical significance.

It could involve an historic agreement of some kind (the 5-year Versailles Cycle). Most fitting here (based on events in 2004 and 2009) would involve Iraq.

It could be a major assassination.

It could be an act of military aggression or terrorist act.

The pattern we are looking at is on the scale of centuries, so doesn’t have to hit June 28th exactly. But it might.

This is the second time in a little more than a year that I hope I am completely wrong.

Scaby is scared and has gone into hiding.

Sorry again,


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