ISIS Declaration of Caliphate May Well Be A Seminal Event for the Ages

On or about June 29, 2014, yesterday, ISIS declared a Caliphate over a large swath of territory spanning significant portions of Iraq and Syria. It is the very timing of this event, within one day of the 100-year anniversary of the start of World War I (and assassination of Archduke Ferdinand), that marks this declaration one for the ages.

Timing matters.

25 years separate WW1 and WW2. Roll that period forward…1964…1989…2014. 2014 is significant because meaningfully related (synchronous) events in history tend to repeat in cycles, and the Power of 10, or in this case 100 years from WW1, is favored by Great Nature. As the Ancient Greeks said, “all is arranged according to Number.”

Events occurring in Iraq and Syria right now are not business as usual in the generally war-torn area. Of course out and out prediction is foolhardy. But these events could turn out to be the start of the next World War. If nothing else, the extreme level of brutality and violence marks this moment as something qualitatively different from similar events over the last several years.

The declaration of a caliphate qualifies as a kind of “agreement” that corresponds to the “Versailles Treaty” Cycle described in the Synchronicity Code. See for yourself. Look up how many significant historical documents, signings, “declarations” occurred close to the 5-year anniversary of June 28, 1919. If one or another iteration seems missing it may be that the then media did not recognize the significance of what was occurring before them. For example, June 28th in the years 2004 and 2009 related to Iraq’s national sovereignty, first as declared by the United States, then as declared by the Iraqis themselves. Those events barely registered in mainstream media, but they hold importance particularly if they set the stage for what is happening right now.

We can’t yet be certain that the Caliphate Declaration will constitute the seminal event of this Time of War, as we are only 2 days from the exact June 28th anniversary. A close eye must be kept on events at least for the next few days to see if something accompanies it. Again, assassination, further declaration of war, or a major attack may yet grab center stage.

I do not yet know if the scale of events will measure up to what the timing implies. He who Knows does not predict.

Sadly, I found Scaby in the peanut jar. I need to re-clone him soon. His input would be helpful!


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