ISIS (ISIL) at the center of a Synchronicity Code Time Mark for the start of a World War

We are now several days from the June 28, 2014 Time Mark for the potential beginning of a major war–if not THE major war of this generation–a World War.

In our last post we suggested that the declaration of a Caliphate by ISIS was the defining event with the caveat that some other event could yet emerge of greater prominence. We have since watched for events that would point in another direction. Only one event with broad implications has emerged: the finding of the three Yeshiva students on June 30th, having been kidnapped from Gush Etzion and murdered “by terrorists.” Like it or not, in one fell swoop, both Israel and the Palestinians have been put back on a war footing.

This terrorist act has already ignited a significant military response from Israel directed at Hamas. But it wasn’t Hamas that was behind it. ISIS has claimed responsibility. Thus, both events point to ISIS. ISIS is at the center of events at a point in time that, in the long cycles of history, must be viewed as having great significance.

So thus far we have Syria, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territory in active military conflict. The United States, Iran and Russia are currently in a support role. What would open this up to a larger arena? Terrorism. Assassination. Impacts on the flow of oil in the Middle East and/or Europe (Russia).

Relatively speaking, we are still in the calm before the storm.

A theory such as the Synchronicity Code carries with it some fascination as it gives possible clues to the unfolding of future events. But this is an intellectual pursuit.


As it sinks in.

And touches the heart.

Such great loss could be before us.


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