What is Time Gnosis?

“Time Gnosis” is a new term which means a public knowing, in advance, of the possible occurrence of a future event according to a Synchronicity Code sequence.

What could be the effect of knowing a Synchronicity Code sequence is due to be fulfilled? What would be the effect if thousands of people know it? Does the Synchronicity Code work the same way when people know about it and can respond to it even before the event has occurred? These are important questions.

Some people believe that the future is entirely predetermined, in which case Time Gnosis will not affect the outcome of a future event.

I do not subscribe to this view.

While some things, in particular large scale events, may have such force behind them that the knowledge and actions of a few people would do little to change the outcome, this would not apply to all things. In the debate over free will versus determinism I tend to come out on the side of free will, for the simple reason that that is far more interesting than for life to be 100% mechanical on all levels.

Ultimately, we may one day see this all put to a test.

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