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The Synchronicity Code was discovered by J. Andrew Goodman in 2009 and is explained in the recently published book by the same title.  Mr. Goodman is a practicing attorney, but has been an active trader and researcher of the markets for many years.  One day it occurred to him  that the numerical patterns he used in his trading might apply to all events throughout history. This insight has turned out to be mind-bogglingly true.  As he researched the theory, he found that the numeric timelines were often connected by means of synchronicity, which is C.G. Jung’s term for meaningful coincidences.

J. Andrew Goodman

Since the discovery involves synchronicity, Mr. Goodman has hired, at some expense, a virtual clone of Jung’s famous scarab beetle, who  goes by “Scaby” on these pages, to help run things. Click on the “Seriously Now, Who is Scaby” for more information about Scaby.

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  1. Ben Kendra says:

    Hey John,

    I wanted to touch base with you to see if you’d be interested in getting a website facelift? I have a lot of experience with wordpress and joomla and can help you at a very cost effective price.

    Please let me know.

    previous work:

  2. I host my own internet radio show how can I contact you to invite you to be a guest on my show?

  3. Mctps says:

    Hi, I’ve bought, and read some of, your book. It seems to collect many rather slight synchronicities compared with what I’ve experienced in my personal life. At any rate, I noticed at your page “What is The Synchronicity Code” that you seem to have reached pretty much the same conclusion as I have: that there is some force orchestrating these synchronicities. While it’s the obvious conclusion to make, very few people seem to be making it, instead babbling about non-local coherence as a feature of the universe, or about an inexplicable link between all minds.

    I have a blog about this topic, where I explain and explore my theory. The meaning and context that “ecce homo” have in our culture is key, I think, to understanding the motive and perhaps the forgotten history behind this force.

    (My handle links to my blog.)

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