What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe special incidents where two meaningfully related events occur at about the same time yet there appears to be no causal connection that would explain their simultaneous occurrence.  The term is synonymous with “meaningful coincidences.” The theory was developed by Jung in the 1920s based in part on his study of the I Ching, but was not presented publicly until the 1950s.    Synchronicity was considered by Jung to be an important linchpin in his psychological theories of archetypes and the collective unconscious.  The Synchronicity Code theory postulates that history repeats itself according to a hidden mathematical sequence that is marked by the occurrence of synchronicity.

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  1. Adam Dobrin says:

    This is meant to be a personal communication, I didn’t see a “contact” form.

    I “stumbled” upon this idea in a somewhat interesting way, I think you will find it interesting. I recently wrote a similar book and web page, and hope you will look through the patterns I found.

    Many overlap with the ones you have found. I’m really interested in talking to you, note that I didn’t find your book until after mine was written. I think I have some insight into both where the idea has come from, and how the pattern is created (hint: I think it’s the same origin).

    I found one that included the publishing of my book, I bet you will too.


    You will probably be interested in the ones involving John Nash Jr and Phillip K. Dick also.

    Hope to hear from you, adam@freelive.org

  2. Elisa Lam says:

    Wow, I love all these synchronicities! They’re so awesome, sometimes it feels like we live inside a computer game and that everything is really The Matrix and the true reality is pure emptiness within us. ‘Mu shin’. Empty mind.

    • admin says:

      Intriguing way to put it Elisa. It leads me to wonder what the world would be like if everyone operated from “mu shin” on a regular basis. Also, when we experience synchronicity on the small scale of our individual lives, there seems to be an increase of awareness. As we witness events on the world stage (such as the war events I have been writing about in recent posts), we collectively “cognate” but do not “Know”.

      Thank you for your interest.

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