Power Corrupts, Absolutely No Power Corrupts Absolutely

Things have been a little kerflooey since we lost power about a week ago. Power came back on 2 days ago, but we still don’t have internet, which begs the question of how I am writing this (from the YMCA, of course!) Also, Scaby went missing during the outage, and we still haven’t found him, God rest his little soul.

So light a candle for us. By the time it goes out, we should be back.


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Occupy Wall Street and the Synchronicity Code

Trish over at SynchroSecrets.com had a recent comment asking about Occupy Wall Street. She wonders about the impact of cold weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy in the New York area, so perhaps we’ll get our first glimpse as to whether the protestors prefer fair weather to purpose.

I haven’t pulled together specific Code sequences that could serve to clarify things, but can make some beginning observations.

First, I don’t think Occupy Wall Street is just about US. By which I mean the “U.S.” I think it is part of a world-wide so-called “awakening”. I say “so-called” because not all of it seems to be connected to mankind’s higher instincts. In Egypt, for example, mob-rule took over, with violent, destructive consequences. That doesn’t bode well as things unfold, for the ending is often foretold in the beginning.

In addition to the Arab Spring, from a longer term perspective, we are also close to the time the Tea Party movement commenced, on January 24, 2009. That movement has already had a significant impact on what is taking place in Washington. Occupy Wall Street may be riding the same wave, on a different surfboard.

Around the same time as the Tea Party commencement, there was a “Green Revolution”, also known as the “Persian Awakening” in Iran, in which the fixed presidential election was protested en masse. The uprising was suppressed, but it too is part of this world-wide wave.

I have written in the book about a meaningful revolution 100 years ago, which invokes the Power of Ten rule, and which also has some strong Code sequencing to the present time. That was the Wuchang Uprising in China. We have been looking for something significant to happen in that country around this time of year.

All of this also may play into something else that is sequenced in the book. It is possible that the forces presently stirring represent commencement of global tensions that will finally erupt, in 2013-2014, in . . . war.


Either way, good to know.

More on Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, the Wuchung Uprising, and Tea parties, in future posts.


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Ron Washington, the Power of Ten and the Synchronicity Code

Ron Washington is at a GREAT point in his coaching career. He is also at a Synchronicity Code mark in his own life.

Ron was born April 29, 1952. He began managing the Rangers on November 6, 2006. Just about 5 years later, he is in the World Series.

5 years is half of 10. I know that is not news. But because it is half, it has “Power of Ten” strength in terms of Synchronicity Code time sequencing.

What is kind of cool is that if you take the interval from the November 6, 2006 coaching start to October 21-22, 2011–which is during the week of this storied World Series, and roll it back 11 times (this is as close to a 60-year mark as you can get, given the fixed timing of the Series–again a Power of Ten thing), you land right about April 29, 1952, the day Ron Washington was born.

Go Ron! Make the Synchronicity Code and Scaby proud!


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NAP-O-LI! Mike Napoli, a Birthday Coincidence and the Synchronicity Code

This is an interim update on the World Series prediction made on October 18th.

It’s all about Mike Napoli.

In the October 18th post, we said this:

HOWEVER, the Rangers have something going for them that I think gives them the edge overall. They were initially formed in 1961 as the Washington Senators. That’s 50 years ago, which invokes the Power of Ten. Ten years later, in 1971, they were changed from the Senators to the Texas Rangers. So that’s a second Power of Ten date that cycles to 2011, viz.: 1971-1961 = 10, rolled forward 4 times = 2011. Thus, we have both a viable sequence (1961-1971-2011) and additionally we have time periods using the Power of Ten, including the 50-year measure, which implies strength.

Now here’s why I think Mike Napoli is especially interesting as a currently-likely MVP candidate if the Rangers win: when he was born.

Mike Napoli was born on October 31, 1981. He turns 30 within the week. As described in Chapter 5 of The Synchronicity Code, that’s got “Power of Ten” written all over it. But even moreso: the above sequence related to the Ranger’s history is on the same 10-year cycle: formed 1961; changed from Senators in 1971 x 4 = 2011. Napoli’s birthdate fits that cycle to a tee and triangulates (due to the proximity to the anniversary of his birth) to the World Series RIGHT NOW.

So I think this is all very cool. Scaby does too. (His little beetle life and livelihood depends on it.)

While this seems to bode well for our prediction of a Rangers win, it doesn’t mean they will. We can know the forces of time that are at work, but as Lao Tze says, “he who knows does not predict”.


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The Cardinals, the Rangers, the 2011 World Series and the Synchronicity Code

Who will win the 2011 World Series?

I have no frickin’ idea.

Ok ok. That’s not what the three of you are here for. (Scaby says there are more than 3 of you, but he won’t tell me how many.)

This one isn’t so easy because, at least so far, I haven’t uncovered (for which, as always, I blame Scaby) any synchronicities to guide us to the outcome. But here goes anyway.

First, the Cardinals have won many times, the Rangers never. The Cardinals won the ’64 Series in seven games, and the ’82 Series in seven as well. We can apply the Code sequence using the Fibonacci ratio as follows: 82-64 = 18. 18 x 1.618 = 29. 29 added to 1982 = 2011. So our prediction is that if it goes to 7 games, the Cardinals will win. What I don’t love about this is: why use 1982? ’64 was a pretty major series, but nothing particularly distinguishes ’82. In contrast, when the Cards won in 2006, at least there you had three consecutive wins via the Fibonacci ratio: 1967-1982-2006, that is, 1982-1967 = 15. 15 x 1.618 = 24. 1982 + 24 = 2006. So, the 2006 win might have been a very cool call.

HOWEVER, the Rangers have something going for them that I think gives them the edge overall. They were initially formed in 1961 as the Washington Senators. That’s 50 years ago, which invokes the Power of Ten. Ten years later, in 1971, they were changed from the Senators to the Texas Rangers. So that’s a second Power of Ten date that cycles to 2011, viz.: 1971-1961 = 10, rolled forward 4 times = 2011. Thus, we have both a viable sequence (1961-1971-2011) and additionally we have time periods using the Power of Ten, including the 50-year measure, which implies strength.

Scratch the Cards in the 7th game. I’m going with the Texas Rangers ALL THE WAY.

If this turns out to be wrong, I’m gonna squash Scaby for good.

Even though I have grown somewhat fond of the little bugger, I really mean it this time.


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Harmonic Relationships, Music and Synchronicity

I am indebted to Mr. Anthony Buzzeo for his recent testimonial, in which he writes, “So much of our physical world (and universe!) is ordered by and resonates to known harmonic relationships….” What this may allude to is that the whole number fractions that lie at the heart of the Synchronicity Code are in large part reflective of the harmonic scale in music. The 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the octave itself, these relate directly to the fractions shown in the Code Calculator. Early on in the research of the Synchronicity Code, I struggled to integrate the Power of Ten expressions of the Code with the wisdom of the ancients, in which the sacred number 7 was paramount. In fact, no struggle is necessary. The harmonic series in music shows that the “Law of Seven” and the Power of Ten are integrally related.

Gurdjieff, in particular, brought to the the West a profound understanding, if only in fragments, of how events unfold according to a “Law of Octaves”. Quite often, one starts out on an intended path heading north, and unwittingly (but lawfully) ends up heading south. This might be avoided, if only one were wise enough to know where “shocks” are needed at precise intervals in order to continue on one’s chosen path. Many things could be said about this, but insofar as the Synchronicity Code is concerned, it suggests that, in the absence of true knowledge, history is likely predestined.

But it need not be so.

We are very far from being able to influence, constructively, the course of history. The baby step is to see some of how the underlying forces unfold, via time and synchronicity. The next step is to know (see) an event as it unfolds. One day, perhaps we will know enough to know what to do about it. But that is not for today.


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The Dahlgren Affair, Karma and the Synchronicity Code

Not everyone has heard of the Dahlgren Affair, probably on account of the nuanced picture it paints of Abraham Lincoln, for he was no doubt the ultimate decision maker. On March 2, 1864, Union forces staged a raid on the Confederate capital of Richmond Virginia. The Union commanding officer, Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, was killed and the raid was a failure. But papers found on Dahlgren indicated that their mission was to assassinate Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet.

Some scholars believe that the Confederate plot to assassinate Lincoln, as carried out by John Wilkes Booth, originated with the discovery of the Dahlgren papers.

It is such a hackneyed phrase, “what goes around comes around”. But it is so often true. The West is in many ways indebted to the wisdom of the East; its advanced understanding of the concept of “Karma” stands out as a key, but under-credited influence.

Karma may also be a key element in why Synchronicity Code sequences occur. To a degree, there is a predictive aspect to it. Bonk someone on the head. Chances are some day soon you will be bonked on the head in return, either literally or figuratively.

The eastern notion of Karma, as applied to individuals, embraces the notion of reincarnation, and thus could unfold over lifetimes. Some research has been done on that subject by Scaby, but we will save that for another day. However, when considering the karma of nations, historic events, even corporations, the consequences of prior acts may unfold within the “single life” of the entity or event.

Lincoln’s decision to assassinate Jefferson Davis may have been just such a prior act. From a Code sequencing point of view, the interval from the March 2, 1864 assassination attempt to the April 15, 1865 assassination of Lincoln rolls forward 22 times to December 3, 1889, within 3 days of the date of Jefferson’s death. Why 22 times? It makes the spread between the deaths of Lincoln and Jefferson about 25 years, which invokes the Power of Ten principle (See Chapter 5 of the book for explanation). 25 years also aligns the Dahlgren sequence with the larger, prominent sequences that are at work.

Karma is why. The Code is when.

Now think ahead. Where does your mind next go when you think about what happened to Lincoln? What do you see when the light of Karmic consequences is shined upon future events?

More to come in subsequent posts.


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The passing of Steve Jobs

As I type this on my Macbook Pro, my iphone lying close by, our condolences to Steve Jobs’ family and friends, and all around the world who will miss him.

You can check for yourself on the Code Calculator using his specific birth and death dates (2/24/1955-10/5/2011). Steve founded Apple in 1976, on the .382 Mark, and returned to Apple in 1997, on the .75 Mark. Neither his NeXt Computer nor Pixar businesses fall on a Mark. The Apple hits do not fall on an exact calendar date, which is not uncommon when dealing with sequences based on lifespans that are otherwise lacking in date or other coincidences. So I would consider the yearly hits to be valid under the Code theory.

If you are aware of any coincidences involving Steve Jobs’ life, please share them in a comment and we will analyze and report further.


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Update on the Wuchang Uprising Post and the China crash thesis

Things are beginning to move.

China CDS (credit default swaps) have just soared over 200 bps in the past few hours. This could be the invisible hand moving to pin prick the China bubble. UBS also just released a report which now expects Q1 2012 GDP to drop to below stall speed at 7.7%. Not exactly the proper set up for a “soft landing”.

Keep an eye on China, Europe, the “Arab Spring” on Wall Street. Yikes. Now’s the time to keep an eye on everything!


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The Killing of Anwar al-Awlaki

It is reported in the news that cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, considered the biggest threat to homeland security, has been killed in Yemen on September 29, 2011.

Scaby complains about all the overtime for no pay, so if anyone is sympathetic to the poor bug, you are invited to use the Code Calculator to run the numbers and report back. See “how to use the Code Calculator” page if you are not sure how.

First date is 5/1/2011–the date Osama bin Laden was killed.
Second date is 9/29/2011–al-Awlaki’s killing.

These dates should be reviewed both back into the distant past (use “you pick” boxes) and into the future. Plug in .8 in the “you pick” yellow box on the lower left and you get August 29, 2011, which is within one day (maybe precise if hourly is taken into account) of the killing of Atiyah Abdul Rahman, number 2 in command of al Qaeda. That’s a direct hit.

While these three Code-linked killings may satisfy the force of time, I would still be watching the upcoming dates. The current No. 1 of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri is still at large, and he is of comparable stature to bin Laden and al Awlaki.


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