Game 162 and Synchronicity

I couldn’t let the day pass without commenting on Game 162, which Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated calls the most thrilling 129 minutes in baseball history.

Says Tom: “Never before and likely never again — if we even dare to assume anything else can be likely ever again — will baseball captivate and exhilarate on so many fronts in so small a window the way it did September 28, 2011.

Starting at 9:56 p.m. Eastern … the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves clung to twin 3-2 leads and the belief that they would avoid the completion of the greatest September collapses in the history of the sport, even if, in Atlanta’s case — the Braves appeared headed for a tiebreaker game with St. Louis — it meant a 24-hour stay of execution. Boston seemed home free to October, seeing that Tampa Bay, its competitor for the wild card spot, was getting blown out by the Yankees, 7-0.

But what happened at that moment was the beginning of the end: With the Braves two outs from victory, Chase Utley of Philadelphia tied the game in Atlanta with a sacrifice fly against Craig Kimbrel, the baby-faced rookie closer for the Braves who was pitching with the earnestness of youth, but more obviously with the toll of overuse and stress from a grueling stretch run. Red-cheeked and flustered, he invited pity more than scorn.

Nothing would be the same in the next 129 minutes. Fortunes were reversed. Reputations were made and destroyed. Careers were altered….”

* * *

So this is our moment of seminal baseball history. We can savor it, and know, that it is connected by the Code to its forbears. Pull up the Code Calculator and check October 3, 1951, almost exactly 50 years ago (an expression of the Power of Ten), which was when the “Shot [was] Heard Around the World”, as New York Giants outfielder Bobby Thomson hit the game-ending home run off Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca at the Polo Grounds to win the National League pennant. Divide that span of time by 5 and you get–exactly–October 2, 1963 when left-handed LA Dodgers Sandy Koufax sets a World Series record by striking out 15 New York Yankees in a 5-2 victory in game 1, which was followed by a sweep in four straight.

These prior seminal moments of sports history are equal standouts, and they are tightly tied across time by the Power of Ten and a simple whole number fraction.

I would venture to say that round about 50 years from now there will be another history making game by which our great grandchildren will mark their lives.

Write a note to them and bury it in a capsule.

Good night. +JAG

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The Wuchang Uprising, Synchronicity and A Wandering Eye

While all eyes are on Europe and its sovereign debt crisis, our eye is wandering over to China. As we pass into October, we pass into the window of time that connects back to the Wuchang Uprising that occurred nearly hundred years ago. As described in the future predictions chapter of the book, October 10 would be exact synchronous date. The Proclamation of the People’s Republic on the near anniversary date of October 1, 1949 also falls on the same 1.618 sequence. But since we are dealing with a long term cycle and Big China, any event between now and early 2012 could be considered in play.

We will have further posts about this important prediction over the days and weeks to come. Two things for now. First, while “uprising” is possible, this timeframe could signify “significant political change” and not necessarily an uprising.

Second, we are interested in the role of communication in how this potential Code sequence unfolds. In 1911 it was the telegraph, without which the coup could never have occurred. Now it is the internet and social media. But media itself is also in the crosshairs, in terms of government crackdowns on free speech and how western news and internet content providers (like Google) choose to respond.

To facilitate our research (Scaby again complains that he is only a bug and easily gets overwhelmed trying to open all the thick tomes in our library), we are giving away a free autographed copy of The Synchronicity Code book to the first person who figures out and shares in a comment why we should be interested in Wendi Deng. You will have to delve into both the mathematics of the Code and must know something about Chinese history to do so. If you hit the nail on the head, then we will raise it in a post, or would be happy to include a guest post about it.

Meanwhile, we watch to see if the arrow hits its Mark.


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Thanks Trish

Trish MacGregor over at (a fine, oft-updated website and blog) has just posted a review of The Synchronicity Code. One more gets it! (I’m good at 7; Scaby, the greedy bugger, is aiming for 70,000.)

Thanks again, Trish.

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Update on Flash crashes, mini crashes, financial panics…and synchronicity

On August 18th, I had a post on flash crashes and financial panics, in which I observed that the May 6, 2010 “flash crash” occurred almost exactly one year from the current market high off the March 2009 low, which was on May 2, 2011. These two May dates were then plugged into the Code Calculator to obtain the following projected dates:

1.382 9/16/2011
1.5 10/29/2011
1.618 12/11/11 and
1.667 12/28/2011

It was then proposed that one would watch out for a significant change in trend within 2 or 3 days of these dates.

The first date of 9/16/2011 has just passed. It falls within two trading days of the market high on September 20th. The market has sold off violently since then. So I would consider the first projected date as satisfying the Code sequence. In fact, on the $SPX, the 16th was really the first of a double top, which was only inched out by a few tics on the 20th, which often occurs as traders “run the stops” (I was very lucky that my SPY puts were not taken out on the 20th–a fortunate case of being both lucky and right!). So from that point of view, the Code sequence was exact.

Is this a case of “perfect order in the markets” (which Scaby complains is a “puffed up” and presumptuous phrase, but he is just a bug and can’t trade the markets without my help)? Well, it might be. The following chart shows a map of the sequence, starting from May 6, 2010. (Click on the chart to enlarge.)

Two things (beyond the sequence itself) suggest “perfect order”. First, the orange horizontal lines show a simplified price grid from the low on May 6, 2010 to the high on May 2, 2011. Do you see where the September 16 turn occurred? Right at the 50% mark. If you were looking for confirmation that this time Mark was active, that’s pretty strong. Secondly, do you see the lighter dotted line perimeter of a circle running through the same point? That circular expression is based on the only other calculation that I use, other than the fibonacci ratio, in finding circular manifestations in the markets. It is based on the ancient geometers’ notion of “squaring of the circle”, but has not been re-discovered or exploited by the quant-oriented computer programs of Wall Street (largely because they don’t bother to square price and time, without which no true geometry could be found). In any case, seeing the high of the 16th/20th occur right on this perimeter was a second sign that the Code sequence was in play.

Given the likely fulfillment of the sequence on the first projected date, I would not expect further changes in trend, or flash crashes to occur on the subsequent dates, although I would still keep a careful eye on in particular 12/11/11 as that is on the same fibonacci ratio numeric line of the first hit.

The trading and investing information in this website is for educational purposes only and in no way should be construed as investing or trading advice.


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Synchronicity and the Passing of Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale

Our condolences to both the Kennedy and Mondale families. There is no softening of the grief that must be felt at a time like this, but when a synchronous timing of events occurs like the one just witnessed, one may feel that the two daughters of famous Democratic politicians are now part of a timeless cycle of events and meaning, of which synchronicity itself is a foundational building block.

Kara died on September 16th, Eleanor on September 17th. What might something like this mean? We can only speculate. My own sense is that this must be as much about the fathers, somehow, as it is about the daughters. I would therefore not be surprised if the eventual passing of Walter, hopefully some time much farther in the future, will map according to the Code. Were a detailed analysis to be constructed, I would not only look to the seminal events of his life, but also a sequence beginning with the passing of Teddy Kennedy, then moving to the passing of the daughters as the 2nd measuring date. This line might triangulate with the major events line of Vice President Mondale’s life to pinpoint dates of concern.

There is a second time synchronicity at work, which further suggests that the meaning is to be found in both the fathers and daughters. Eleanor was born on January 19, 1960. That is within 1 day of the date, every 4 years, when Presidents, and Vice Presidents are inaugurated into office. Walter Mondale was inaugurated as Vice President on January 20, 1977. This is on the 33.33 Mark between the birth and death of Eleanor. If you run the dates on the Code Calculator, the exact Mark hits 4/8/77, but as frequently happens (there are a number of examples in the book), the Mark can be “pulled” by the fixed date, and in this case synchronous date of January 20th. If leeway is given for this, the Mark could not have been more exact.

With every good with, +JAG

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Major Art Theft Prediction Update

On July 17th we posted “Major Art Theft Prediction Realized?” which referred to a prediction made in the book that 2011 would bear witness to a major art theft. At that juncture it appeared that the prediction had come true, but before concluding, we wanted to get beyond August 21, which would be the ideal date to realize this prediction. We are now sufficiently beyond the window to assess the prediction.

To repeat, the prediction was for “an art theft of potentially major proportions in 2011, ideally (but not necessarily) on or about August 21st.”

The main hit, I believe, has been what happened in mid-July, when it was reported that Mark Lugo, a man accused of stealing a valuable Picasso drawing from a San Francisco gallery, had about $500,000 worth of other stolen artwork in his New Jersey apartment, including another Picasso. This fit the pattern outlined in the book because it involved masterpieces, the recovery of prior thefts and the thefts were amateurish.

Subsequently I have learned from an NPR broadcast that the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa also figured in the painter Picasso quite prominently, because he was actually a suspect for a time immediately after the theft, on account of the fact that he was harboring two statues stolen from the Louvre in his apartment at the time the Mona Lisa was stolen. He wasn’t the direct thief of the statues and eventually got off of the charges. For our purposes this link to Picasso makes the Mark Lugo theft even more compelling as the fulfillment of this prediction.

As a more general view of the matter, the Huffington Post reported on August 16th that 2011 has shaped up to be “unprecedented” in the number of significant art thefts. One story in particular again deals with Picasso and a purported theft by an amateur thief: Frenchman Pierre Le Guennec and his wife were indicted this summer for stealing 271 works by Picasso worth well over a hundred million dollars. Le Guennec was an electrician for Picasso and claims that Picasso gave him the artwork. It was the French court’s view that the massive gift exceeded the reasonable level of gratitude one would feel to an electrician for fixing some faulty wiring….

History is subject to revision almost by definition. We may yet learn more about the Synchronicity Code sequence that began with the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911. But the prediction set forth in the book, which was even labelled as “wildly unlikely”, has turned out to be not so far off the Mark.

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An Endless Stamina for War

We are now some days away from the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. It is time to assess.

In my last post I said we were looking for events that happen around the 11th that potentially have a “long tail”, meaning that they mark the beginning of a longer series of events in reaction to what takes place on or about the 11th.

Two things took place around the 11th that might serve, in the eyes of history, as the further cyclic beginning of events with a “long tail”. One of them is that the expectation of a default by Greece in the European debt crisis reached a fever pitch over the weekend. Really for the first time, the word “default” started being used as an express possibility. In the ensuing days a new distinction has arisen, that of a “controlled” or an “uncontrolled” default. Also for the first time, analysts have begun to articulate the dire consequences of an uncontrolled default, including, it seems, the possibility of civil war in Europe.

While this could be the event to focus on, I don’t think it resonates with 9/11. Also, no clear, definitive “event” took place at this time. The words became more ominous, but there wasn’t a clear action to accompany them.

The second possibility fits rather well. This was that on the eve of 9/11 the Taliban staged a defiant suicide attack on a U.S. combat outpost just outside of Kabul, killing several Afgans and injuring 77 Americans. The suicide bomber was driving a truck carrying firewood when he rammed the entance to the outpost. The explosion apparently left a 20-foot hole in the wall.

Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that such an attack was “obvious”. The Synchronicity Code has no problem using anniversary dates that are even intentionally marked by the participants. (They only think that they are the sole masters of their choice to act just then.) It falls into the category of an event “hidden in plain view”.

“The Afghans have an endless stamina for a long war,” the official Taliban statement said. “Through a countrywide uprising, the Afghans will send the Americans to the dustbin of history like they sent other empires of the past.”

By itself, the attack is just one of many incidents in what is already a long war. However, its occurrence quite near to the exact 9/11 anniversary is suggestive of difficulties to come.

Here’s a further clue:

The attack occurred in Sayed Abad, which is about seven miles east of the spot where the Taliban shot down a U.S. military helicopter, killing 30 Americans on August 6th. Significantly, many of the dead belonged to the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team 6 — the same elite unit that killed bin Laden on May 2nd. Open the Code Calculator Page (read the instruction page first if you have not already done so) and plug in the dates: Osama Bin Laden’s killing on May 2, 2011 is the first measuring date. August 6, 2011 is the second. Now look at the “future dates” column at 1.382. Do you see it? That’s an exact hit on 9/11/2011. That sequence could have been known in advance (it wasn’t, we are yet a small research team). The 9/11 time synchronicity would have jumped right out at you. Taken together with the truck bomb suicide attack in Sayed Abad, one wonders if history is sending a message that it won’t be so easy for the U.S. to extricate itself from Afghanistan.

One can look to the Synchronicity Code for clues when, finally, years from now, the whole thing is done.


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9/11/11 Update

It is now the 13th of September and we are carefully watching news events. Any synchronous events would probably happen by no later than the 14th or 15th. So at that point we can assess.

Already there are at least two candidates.

What we are looking for are events that happen around the 11th and potentially have a “long tail”, meaning that they mark the beginning of a longer series of events in reaction to what takes place now.

We’ll report back soon.


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On the Eve of 9/11

Nothing else seems worthy of writing about just now. It interests me that a “credible threat” to New York and Washington D.C. has emerged in the news, predicated on the view that Al Qaeda supporters favor anniversary dates. When this kind of link up across time occurs, because someone “favors anniversaries”, I wonder if it begs the question of the Synchronicity Code operating in broad daylight. In other words, WHY do people favor anniversaries? Why is it obviously the time, from their perspective, to strike again? Are they adhering to the force of an unknown cycle, the while imagining that they are the masters of their own destiny?

If something so obvious as a successful repeat attack does not happen, which is fervently hoped, then I would still be looking out for a Power of Ten event in some other arena–weather-related, financial-related, agression by a nation, something. No guarantees that any such thing will occur. But if it does, the thing to watch for is that the event will have implications beyond the current event. It may set something new in motion that will continue for years to come.

With every good wish, +JAG

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9/11 is a Mark in Time that is in motion

The closer we get to 9/11, the closer we get to a possible 10-year anniversary event. I don’t know that anything will happen and am not per se predicting something will. Most definitely we are not saying that another terrorist event will occur. But we are saying that there is a possibility of an “event of magnitude” that marks the 10-year anniversary. Weather, financial, if something occurs, think big and long lasting. And, I suppose, adverse.

You know that my background in all this, if you could call it that, is in the arena of trading. Many a stock, future, put and call has been boldly traded by this writer, for good or ill. In that arena, successful “prediction” is the ALL, and I suppose it is here too, except that here it is more forgiving to say “no guarantee”. (You will still check back if we are wrong, won’t you?)

There isn’t any guarantee. One can look at the patterns and see that they have formed over and over. But there is much to learn about the sacred geometry of time and history by which life unfolds. It is fair to say we are all students reaching for understanding.

Since none of you seem to know for sure where the next historic event will turn (except maybe that bothersome bug Scaby), and yet we all can agree, based on the past evidence, that there is some sort of mathematical underpinning at work (that is, if you have bought and read the practically free book, well sort of practically free, so Scaby can get paid his past due salary), we are all in the same boat, which is to be “watchers of the skies”.

9/11 is just one juncture to watch. We are outside now, knowing that the time is right for a shooting star, but not knowing for sure if one will be seen or not.

May the lost be honored and the event be measured. +JAG

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